wAdAh bH0a ney !! :)

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Like the mist of morning, like the calm of night,
Where there is magic, nature reveals destinies plight,
I long to hold you, to be with you near,
But my heart aches as my dreams echo your mystic magic whispering in my ear . 
Can a woman be so majestic and so infinitely true? 
The truth is my love, I have only ever desired one such as you.
What words can describe your beauty?
What pen dare attempt to replicate in thought and paper the gift of love you inherently possess -
The essence of your eyes, the redolence of your lips,
The feminism of your style, the magic your heart beats.
My love, in my own despair,
My heart longs for this feeling which can be found nowhere.
This mystic power which hypnotises my reason,
Can only give way to my confidences treason.
How long I have melted beneath your radiant magic, 
... please my dear love, don't end our fate tragic, 
If promises are promises and my honour your trusts virtue, 
Never doubt my sincerity, for I could never hurt you, 
And if wishes are only wishes which can never come true, 
Then don't wish for anything for my sincerity is for you, 
And if my honesty is not as pure as the gold that you think, 
Then allow me to unravel love's power with the blessing of your wink.
Oh! If only you were to grasp the extent my imagination portrays you for,
Your sweet love is my desire, I can ask for no more,
My sweet love, you will never find a heart more true,
My only desire is your absent days fewer,
From my soul cries a message so loud and so clear,
I only want to be with you - in my arms hold you near,
Please take my hand and I'll comfort you dear,
Love builds on love and truly casts out all of fear.
Sometimes my mind dries up this passion of hope so true,
My dear love, I have insecurities of my chances with you,
I have dreams of your rose lips, your perfect window eyes,
Oh my sweet nightingale, what have you to hide?
If you love me then blast this trumpet of fate,
The direction our love enters we will architect, and destiny a new dimension take.
I cannot sleep at nights wondering why I love you so,
I pray God grant me strength as to let my wisdom grow,
For many times I've pondered whether you feel the magicians blessing so strong,
It can make mortals lovers and lovers can do no immortal wrong.
One thing I am certain, this I promise you now,
Of my sincerity and loyalty, none can ever match the beauty of your brow,
So take my hand my dear and together we'll reach out to the mystery above,
For we have the blessing of our fate, as you are my one and only true love.